C2E2, 2012

     Catherine and Sarah Satrun are Chicagoland based twin animators and illustrators with over eleven years experience working in animation. They spent several years working on hand drawn animation and smoothly transitioned to working all digitally using Toon Boom Harmony, Flash, Photoshop, and After Effects. The Satrun twins have worked on a variety of projects such as Lucky Charms, Trix, and My Little Pony commercials, short films, online entertainment such as Seth Meyers' The Awesomes, book illustration, concert animation, and game animation.

     Whether working together or separate, Catherine and Sarah each bring passion for the art form to every job. They have loved to draw ever since they were old enough to pick up crayons. This dynamic duo makes a great team and is known for the energy they bring to any project. "Twin powers activate!"


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Millennium Park, Chicago, 2013

Millennium Park, Chicago, 2013

C2E2, first artist table, 2013

C2E2, first artist table, 2013